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Welcome to Nordfyns Højskole

We are currently working on an English translation of the site. In the meantime, you can scroll down this page and read a short description of our School and what courses we offer.
You are always welcome to contact us by phone or mail if you have any questions regarding a stay at our School.


At Nordfyns Højskole we believe that you can do a difference, both in your own life and for others.

At Nordfyns Højskole you put yor own Schedule together, so it fits your interests and wishes. That way you can strengthen your qualifications and resume.

Before you start you have to choose an A subject and a B subject. After you start you can choose between our optional subjects.


Be the change, for yourself and for others. Get tuition in project management and NGO work and try it out for real when you are going to Africa. The first 12 weeks is at Nordfyns Højskole. Here you will get all the proper education so you are ready to work in the NGO community. You will also meet your fellow students who will be travelling with you. The remaining 12 weeks is at a destination of your choice from one of our NGO partners.

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Personal Leadership

To be a good leader for others require insight, vigour and self-knowledge. What leader do you wish to be? How do you become a good leader? How do you create positive changes? And how would you like to be led yourself? Do you wish to become a leader, and get all the tools that makes a great one? Then Personal Leadership is the right A subject for you.


The A subject Health is you opportunity to start the life changes that you desire, to get a healthy body and soul. Here you can get help to start a weightloss, get more exercise and get in better shape. As part of the tuition we are going to try the many local delicasies and learn how to cook a healthy tasty meal.

Fodfæste – vejen til et meningsfyldt liv

Er du fuldstændig sikker på, hvad du vil med dit liv? Eller savner du lyst og motivation til livet? Livskvalitet? Store og små succeser i hverdagen? Udfordringer? Forandringer? Tryghed? Plads til at lære nyt om dig selv? Venner? Som A-fag handler Fodfæste – Vejen til et meningsfyldt liv om at få et ordentligt fodfæste for dig selv i tilværelsen. I livet. At du lærer dig selv at kende og ved, hvem du er.

Dansk sprog og kultur

Har du lyst til at lære dansk, møde den danske kultur og lære det danske samfund at kende? Så får du med A-faget, Dansk sprog og kultur, et individuelt sammensat læringsprogram, så din undervisning i dansk er unikt tilpasset dig. Det betyder, at du i forhold til din integration blandt andet kommer til at opleve det danske samfund som langt mere positivt, fordi du kan sproget.

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