The food policy at Nordfyns Folk High School


The Food Policy of Nordfyn’s Folk High School
The overall objectives about the food policy are:

  • To create and support healthy eating habits for students, participants and employees in order to improve health and wellness
  • To prevent future food related illnesses
  • To promote the working performance for students, participants and employees through more energy and better concentration

The points of reference are the 8 advices of healthy food to remind one of a proper balance between food and physical activities.
The 8 food advices are:

  • Eat fruit and vegetables – 6 a day
  • Eat fish and fish spread – several times a week
  • Eat potatoes, rice or pasta and coarse bread every day
  • Go easy on sugar – particularly soft drinks, sweets and cakes
  • Go easy on fat – particularly from dairy products and meat
  • Eat a varied diet and keep your standard weight
  • Quench your thirst with water
  • Do physical exercise – at least 30 minutes a day

Raw materials

  • The food must be fresh, well prepared and nutritious
  • The food should preferably be made from unprocessed raw materials and seasonal fruit and vegetables. We aim to avoid fully or partly pre-prepared food
  • We focus on encouraging students to eat fruit, vegetables and fish and to reduce consumption of fat, particularly the saturated fat.
  • It will always be possible to put together a healthy meal. Less nutritious food will be limited and kept for special occasions.

The daily offers in the dining hall:

  • To ensure variation we serve poultry, pork, beef, fish and vegetarian dishes at least once a week
  • A big fresh salad bar is available
  • Freshly baked coarse bread every day
  • As little fat as possible is used
  • Liquid vegetable oil replaces margarine and butter
  • Meat and dairy products have a low contents of fat

We serve dietary food and food according to ethnic background