Nordfyns High Schools Basic Values

Nordfyns High School’s basic values.

Inspired by the Grundtvigean Folk High School tradition and the American psychologist, Howard Gardener’s theory of “Multiple Intelligences” we seek the wisdom of life’s mysteries in conversation, tuition and being together.

“The multiple intelligences’” perception of Homo sapiens and teaching practices, value the developing potential and possibility of learning, based on the individual student’s positive resources. The student must see that life is big and multifarious in order that participation, responsibility and involvement in life and society will characterize the stay.
Wise in many ways
To live on the folk high school call for engagement, responsibility and development of social abilities. The daily meals on the school and the morning assembling are important parts of the shared life.
The school has a humanistic view of human nature, where all people are equal irrespective of ethnic, religious or social background.
To further the self-worth and personal developing potentials of each individual, we give priority to the development of the multiple intelligences and international understanding. We focus on people who prefer learning in a unified perspective. Our motto is: “Wise in many ways”.
The body is important in relation to attitude, feelings and self confidence. Therefore we follow the motto: “A sound mind in a sound body”.
We will combine individuality, being together and professionalism so that the human qualities of each individual student is respected and grows and, at the same time practice the art of being together in an atmosphere where education and manners are an assumption of each other.
Our aim is that individuality shall not develop into self-sufficiency and selfishness. We shall avoid that being together is experienced as being estranged. The intention is to support the students’ personal development in a social involvement that will make them conscientious of their co-responsibility to communities in society.