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Education with fairytales.

What can people around the world learn from Hans Christian Andersen?

Today, when people, no matter whether old or young, meet with Danes, they will naturally speak with one voice: ”I know Denmark because I have heard about the world famous writer Hans Christian Andersen and I have read his stirring tales.”. 

Why has his literary works won universal praise all over the world? As one professor noted: ”Hans Christian Andersen showed sympathy for the people who encountered misfortunes and enriched the people’s imagination.”

We will cover these aspects of pedagogical inspiration from Hans Christian Andersen

  • Drama and holistic learning in kindergarten

  • Aesthetical learning processes and emotions, fantasy and curiosity

  • The universe of playing, imagination and wondering

  • Creative inclusion

  • Selected fairy tales in drama with costumes and scenography

  • Story telling

  • The value of being a child and looking at the world from a childish angle


During the course we use much the same methods as used by H C Andersen in his fairy tales: Story telling, playing and imagination, creative activities, seeing and travelling.


The program is part of our folk high school course focusing on enlightenment and life skills. Focus will be on interpretation of Andersen’s fairy tales into existential and educational perspectives because we think that many of the fairy tales from 19th century still today can tell us a lot about how to live our lives.

A special offer

As a special offer for international students, it is possible to attend an introduction to the Danish Language and Study Counselling outside normal school hours for those, who are interested in further studies in Denmark.

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In Hans Christian Andersen’s fairy tales there is a tremendous amount of learning and social, moral and philosophical pedagogical training in bringing up children and adults.


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