Testimonials Crossing Borders

Below is testimonials from some of the many students from Crossing Borders through the years.

Through the program I was able to cross borders and borders inside me (which are always the hardest to cross :), as well as race, age and gender. Living together is an adventure, but I can learn more about myself by becoming friends and creating a community with Danish and international students in a variety of ways. Thank you, Crossing Borders, for making me an active member of the community, not just a consumer.”

Crossing Borders TestimonialsMinhui Gu, South Korea

I am from Iceland, a piece of volcanic rock in the middle of the North Atlantic Ocean. My experience with Crossing Borders has been really good. I particularly enjoyed meeting new people from all around the world and sharing my experiences with them and hearing about their experiences. I highly enjoyed talking with them for hours and hours about anything. For example, I talked to Taka (a guy from Japan) who is really interested in global politics, and we discussed the reason why the world is the way it is. Being in a different country has also been a good way of learning about my own homeland, myself and how people from other places see the world completely differently.

Crossing Borders TestimonialsStefán Atli Þorvaldsson, Iceland

By joining the Crossing Borders class, I have started thinking about myself as a global citizen. I have become aware of my responsibility and role in the society. I am also learning how to gratify my curiosity to the world as a lifelong education. Before coming here, I was thinking life is too long. But now, I think life is too short to do everything that I want to do!

Crossing Borders TestimonialsAyane Togawa, Japan

Thanks to Crossing Borders I have gained insight and understanding of cultures I used to know through medias and history books – but which I could never imagine what it would be like to live in. Crossing Borders has given me the chance to meet some amazing people from all over the world – and they have opened my eyes. Thanks to these people I have learned to see the world from a new perspective, and the people in Crossing Borders have kindly shown me their realities. It was a lot of new perspectives I didn’t know I needed but looking back, I don’t understand how I could ever have been without. As we are always taught in Crossing Borders; together we can do better.

Crossing Borders TestimonialsJosephine Nørgaard Olesen, Denmark

I came to Crossing Borders because I would like to engage in Danish culture, people and society. It was a best choice in my life. I was anxious and less confident before I came here and now Crossing Borders brought me more than I expected. I had a chance to live a different life and to experience a truly Danish culture and also an intercultural environment. During the time I have been here, I got a lot of happiness. I like every morning that I can hear my neighbor say “Hi Jolie” with a big smile. I like the way Danish students respect us by using Mango slogan. The most beautiful thing for me is, that I can be a part of Crossing Borders where I can not only improve my English or my skills in presentation and teamwork, but also get involved in Crossing Borders organization activities. My teacher Garba gave me full of passion and ambition about global issues as well as raising my awareness how important of 17 SDGs for us. When spending time with Crossing members, I feel like I am home. Thanks to all those things, I am now on the way to get my own concepts of what is success, love and happiness!”

Crossing Borders TestimonialsJolie Thùy Nguyễn, Vietnam

“It has been an amazing experience learning directly about the other countries opinions of the citizens about politics decisions to be made what some of the citizens want to do. It has helped me to see the good sides of my own country, but I can also see a lot more of bad stuff in my country at the same time. That also helps me to think more of what actions to take to make it better, so it is not that bad. Mentally I have become more skilled in how to interact with people how to communicate my choice of words also thinking more in depth in my decisions and in the ones that other people make.”

Crossing Borders TestimonialsVictor Zea Orantes, Guatamala

I am from a place where it is not normal for people to have dreams because their lives are nightmares.  I was promised that Crossing Borders will enable me able to have dreams.This was not true.  Crossing Borders has actually done more.  It has made me determined to go back and even make it possible for my people to have dreams.

You might become a global citizen by traveling around the world, but you need Crossing Borders to become an active citizen.  Crossing Borders is a journey in life, which is not measured by distance, but instead by intellectual awakening, spiritual discovery and personal growth.

Crossing Borders TestimonialsMohammed Saber Mohammed, Kurdistan

I feel I’m not only learning whilst in class but every second that I am here in krogerup. I am constantly surrounded by fascinating people from across the globe with new and exciting ideas about our shared world. My time here is an experience I will never forget.

Crossing Borders TestimonialsEllen Killeen, Ireland

I am learning more about life here than in my past 18 years. I am surrounded by people from all over the world who believe that a change is possible and are willing to work towards it, just as I am. Furthermore, I found a home.

Crossing Borders TestimonialsLuisa Boa, Spain

Crossing borders is a study course that aims to raise awareness on Global issues; a course that is inclusive of all nationalities and culture. Crossing Borders however, in my opinion and own experience has more to offer than the academic content it boasts.

For me Crossing Borders has encompassed far beyond the academic modules contained in the course. It has granted me the opportunity to observe and respond to how we as humans, connect with each other and our environment, regardless of culture and race. It has developed my perspective on the world I live in, and its inhabitants. It has pushed me to the responsibility, not only of myself, but of others as well, urging me to make my actions more attuned to fit the harmony of the whole. In my opinion, to study is one thing, and to learn is another, and the course presents the opportunity of the latter, which is far more valuable as it has to do with internalizing what’s been taught, and to experience and share it. Regardless of where you’re from, this course holds a life changing experience, opening you to the diversity of the world we live in, the cultures that it holds, the fragility of it and the dire responsibility placed upon all our shoulders to protect and nurture it.

Crossing Borders doesn’t just lay you down the facts, it forces you live and experience it, it welcomes you to change, to strive towards a deeper understanding, towards a more flexible and compassionate attitude regarding our planet, our species, and finally ourselves.

In conclusion, yes, Crossing Borders is a course on Global studies, but it is so much more than a just course, it is life; it is the tension of diversity, and the freedom of it, it is fighting and learning, exploring and seeing what fits, it is laughter and finding the best way to communicate with people who don’t share your native tongue, or culture, it is making mistakes, again and again until you get it right, it is at last; a chance to grow, to realize your abilities, your impact, and yourself.

Crossing Borders TestimonialsFathimath Naifa Zahir, The Maldives

With Crossing Borders, I become aware of my own knowledge, my inner voice and how to deal with different people and different culture. You learn a lot inside the classroom and outside in the school community. It is a life-changing experience.

Crossing Borders TestimonialsYuri Vidal, Brazil