Study trips

We go on study trips in March and October. We do it to get new impressions, learn about other cultures and get a good shared experience.

We always strive to find destinations and experiences that you don´t normally find if you go out on your own.

We always have multiple locations to choose from. You choose which study trip you wish to take, when you start at the School.

Here you can see our study trips for Spring 2020


Athens, a historical and innovative Capital.

Following Nordfyns Højskoles values about #BeTheChange we visit Athens, a metropol with a significant history, which were announced as Innovation Capital of 2018 by the Europe Commision. We base our study trip on two UN world goals: Strong institutions and innovation.

Strong institutions: Athens is the cradle of Democracy where many great thinkers had their origin. We will dive into history and look at the beautiful historical city (e.g. Agora, Acopolis, Plaka)

Innovation: As well as a historical city, Athens is also a modern metropol. We will explore the new and innovative ways taken toward the future.

Israel and Palestine

We are going to Israel and Palestine, to the heart of thousand of years religion and history intervowen in a mix of conflict, hope, hospitality and pride. And lots of kind and dedicated people.

You feel the buzz of history as soon as you arrive in Jerusalem. Everywhere in the twisted streets of this old city is a magnitude of impressions. From the glittering jewelstands, fragrant spices and the smoke and conversations from the hookah cafés.

And thats where we are staying, in the old middle east, where the buildings are thousands of years old and history still feels present. With a freshly squeezed pomegranate juice in one hand and a falafel in the other, we are going to wear our soles thin, as we follow in the footsteps of Jesus through via Dolorosa. We are going to visit one of the oldest religious sites at the Western Wall, go up the stairs to the temple mount where we find the beautiful blue Dome of the Rock and try our best to find our way through the jumble of gold and incence in the Church of the Holy Sepulchre.

In the beautiful hillsides on the other side of Jerusalem is Betlehem located. We are going to explore the steep streets filled with christmas decorations all year, visit the Church of Nativity, and  are going to experience the beautiful nature in the hills.

It is impossible to visit Israel and Palestine without going to the Dead Sea. It is a unique experience to be at Earths shallowest point, 420 metres below sea level, and float completely weightless in the briny water.

“Refreshed” we head North and back to Tel Aviv. A modern metropol brimming with lush beaches, cozy cafees and spectacular Museums. Far away from the conflict, we get a glimpse of how life is in Israel.


Get an intimate look into Poland and Krakow, the culture and the dark history of the Second World War and the extermination of Jews, that links to the city.

We are taking the bus to Krakow and live at a hotel in the old part of town for the week.

We are eating together at breakfast and at most evening meals. Lunch is a mix of restaurants, cafes and lunch bags.

We are going to experience guided city walks and different museums, primarily concerning the extermination of jews and the history of Krakow during and after World War 2. We are also visiting Auschwitz and Birkenau.

We are going to meet the local population and talk about work environment and work conditions in Poland.

Our study trip is based on the UN World goals: Decent jobs and economical growth.


Prague is the capital and largest city in the Czech Republic and one of the most beautiful cities in Eastern Europe. The nick name “The Golden City” is well deserved. Prague is true to its reputaion, with its old part of town and the historical buildings.

We are going to stroll through the streets and enjoy the many cafees, nice buildings and all the street performers.

We are visiting the “Charles Bridge” the oldest and most famous bridge in Prague, it is like a trip back in history when the gas lights are turned on at night. We are also going to visit  the old Town Hall with the astronomical clock. We are going to soak in culture and history ind the old part of town.