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Sustainability – in practise

Be the change you want to see in the world, and join in to the green revolution! That is the message in Sustainability – in practice, where you will get a good and grounded introduction to the practical skills needed in the transition to a more sustainable way of living. You will get practical knowledge and approach to our ecosystems, nature, the garden and different ways to cultivate the soil. In the subject we are also going to work with and talk about the ecological crisis we find ourselves in. We are going to talk about climate changes, desertification, deforestation, food shortage, overproduction and soil depletion. Together we are going to go on a tour up in the helicopter and put a focus on the consequences of economic growth that affects the earth and us as a human race, and then go back down on the earth to make positive changes. Do you want to join?

About Sustainability – in pratice

In Sustainability – in practice we grab some of the challenges of the future and start solving them. We are going to work with soil and plants and create things from scratch. In our lovely garden on the school, we put focus on diversity, as all we cultivate contributes to empowering the soil and each other. We cultivate vegetables, herbs, berries, fruits and mushrooms, and make our own compost from the things growing on the land.

Cultivate your green fingers!
In the course, you get the opportunity to find your green fingers and help create a living garden, where you follow the process from seed to food. That means that you are going to help make a rotation plan and learn about how to grow annual vegetables without digging up the soil.

You will also learn about the life in and over the soil, and about how you can build up the fertility of the soil while binding carbon from the air. We work with a constantly green groundcover, experiment with making bio-char and much more. Carbon is everywhere, and is an important nutrient for soil-life and plants.

You will also learn about how to create resilient systems, so we can avoid using pesticides and that way create a natural defense against pests and deceases, for example by planting different plants together and attract beneficial insects to the garden.

Experiencing and feeling nature
We are going out to be in nature and use our senses! Out to learn about cycles, connections and diversity. We are going to have a look on how we can use nature as a model in how we produce food and energy, create society and live.

Besides the practical work, we are also going to look into some local as well as global political issues as:

  • Food-production
  • Capitalism’s influence on society
  • The destiny of the environment in a world striving for unlimited economic growth
  • Inequality in human access to resources
  • And most important: We are going to be inspired by alternatives already started and look at new opportunities.

The more we do together, the bigger rings in the water we create. That is why we are going to examine different ways to organize sustainable communities in the city and on the countryside. We are going to see living examples on this, and visit some of the many growing communities here in Denmark.

Praktisk Bæredygtighed
Praktisk Bæredygtighed

The goal

The goal of the course is to put a focus on what you can do as a human being to encourage sustainability and the relationship between human and nature. In the course, we use hands as well as mind, body, soul and all the senses to become a part of nature whilst building up knowledge that we put into perspective with the social and global development.

The Idea is that you through practical work not just gain a bigger affiliation to nature, but also get the skills that can equip you to be one of them, that takes a step out of the “hamster-wheel” and makes a difference.

#BeTheChange with Sustainability – in pratice

We are in the middle of an ecological crisis, where climate changes, desertification, deforestation, food shortage, overproduction and soil depletion plays an increasing role. All these challenges is an expression of how we as human beings lost our connection to nature. To reconnect this relationship and make a change we have to start with ourselves and with what we create in our lives. We can all be a part of the change and make a difference for the world and for ourselves.

In Sustainability – in practice we look at society, nature, economy, culture and human as one whole. If we look at these as integrated parts of a complex system, we can start to make a bigger change for ourselves and with time affect the bigger picture.

We do not all have to be self-sufficient, but we can still question what we can do in our own lives to live more sustainable. How can you reconnect to nature and to the food harvested from there? Jump on and be the change!

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Praktisk Bæredygtighed