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The Slimming School

Many people weigh too much and wish to lose weight. Others have an unhealthy life style with no activities and would like to develop a healthier way of life. They apply to come because they meet people in the same situation on the High School and  they will able to support each other.

The Slimming School focuses on a healthy life style that will secure a permanent loss of weight and a balanced active and good life. The aim is to lose weight and so the school’s dietician weighs the students once a week and gives them supervision in healthy living. The students have cooking lessons and are given recipes to keep.

The other part is exercise. We have different offers depending on the students’ background and state of health. They can choose between fitness, spinning, swimming, cycling, running and walking. In addition there are various forms of ball games and other games.

Personal development is an important part as a wrong diet often reflects the student’s way of life. It is therefore important to get to know one self and be aware of own habits and life experiences. This way new habits may be formed and a healthier and more active life style built up.