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The Life Class2016-10-24T19:50:42+00:00

The Life Class

[dropcap]T[/fusion_dropcap]he Life Class often attracts people who live in a community connected with a Support Centre or, are still living at home. They want to get away from the humdrum of everyday life, meet new people, and learn to be more sociable and creative.

They enjoy the respect and equality they meet at the High School.

The course is divided into areas of interest where each individual student can follow his own path of interest.

You can choose between music where you play an instrument, sing – either solo or, in a choir.

There is also “Diet and Health” if you want to lose weight and build up new habits while practicing a healthy and active life style.

If you have “green fingers” then our nature workshop might be a good idea for you. There is both indoor and outdoor work depending on the time of year.

All the different classes have joint tuition some hours a week. The subjects are social ability, solving conflicts, communication, singing and music as well as practicing everyday living.