Danish Language and Culture

Do you like to study Danish? To learn Danish culture? Meet Danish folk high school culture? With this A-subject you will get an individual learning program made for you personally. You will learn Danish in your way and it will be made according to your present level and the level you want to reach.

You can join as a beginner, or newly started or well trained in Danish as second language. You can make a module test if you like with “Learn Danish” and this test is equal to international standards.

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About Danish Language and Culture

This A-subject covers the basic elements of Danish as second language. Your individual learning plan includes both oral Danish, pronunciation, listening, writing, Danish grammar and reading.

The class is primarily with support from teacher and facilitating so that you can work in your own way and with your own speed. Part of the class will for all students, other parts will take place in small groups or you will work in pairs. It depends on what is the best and most efficient


Goals with Danish Language and Culture

Danish language and culture aims at giving you qualifications in Danish language so that you get better chances for obtaining improvement towards your study, integration or job.

The classes are based on individual learning plans and can cover several part-goals according to your needs. These part-goals will be related to these Danish language parts:

  • literacy: Knowledge about names, sounds, forms and writing directions and training in reading-strategies for beginners
  • reading: Skills of reading strategies that improve your understanding of reading and the speed of reading
  • writing: Knowledge and skills inside different ways of writing related to your level – including mails, invitations, bulletins, personal articles, applications etc.
  • grammar: Understanding of word classes and related grammar rules and systems
  •  vocabulary: Extending you vocabulary inside semantic networks
  • orality: Skills in presentation, communication and discussion
  • pronunciation: Skills in pronouncing Danish language
  • listening: Skills in understanding the spoken language

#BeTheChange with Danish Language and Culture

You will reach a better level of qualification and your Danish competences will bring you positive changes for your future not depending on if you want to use it for better communicating with Danes, seek a job at the labor-market, be part of integration process – or whatever your motives are.

In your daily life at our folk high school you will be better at communicating with Danish students at the school. You will also get a better understanding and knowledge of Danish culture including Danish folk high school culture

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The reason to take Danish Language and Culture

  • To learn Danish to speak better Danish

  • To improve your competences in Danish language in your own way

  • To get a better understanding of Danish language and culture

  • To get tested your Danish language level

  • To obtain formal paper on your Danish language competences (module-test)

  • To get better relations to the Danes

  • To take a big step towards integration into the Danish society.


Double room pr. person 1.500 Dkk./week
Extra for single room 300 DKK./week
Study trip (obligatory) 4.500 DKK,
Administration 1.000 DKK.
(Prices cover tuition, food and lodgning)


2019 2020
03-01-19 – 26-06-19 05-01-20 – 27-06-20
03-01-19 – 03-04-19 05-01-20 – 28-03-20
04-04-19 – 26-06-19 29-03-20 – 27-06-20
11-08-19 – 21-12-19 09-08-20 – 19-12-20

Resident Permit

Case ID/ST1 DKK 2.110,00

If you do not get a residence permit, the fee will be paid back within 3 weeks with a deduction of DKK 2.110,00 (Case ID) and DKK 2.500,00 for the administration of all transactions.

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