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The price on your stay depends on which A-subject you choose and which accomodation.

1.500 kr. / week – Double room, shower in hallway
1.800 kr. / week – Double room, shower in room.
1.800 kr./ week for a single room with shower in hallway*

If you want to join WorldCampNordfyn then the price depends on the destination. You can find the current price at WorldCampNordfyns page.

4.500 kr. – Study trip (mandatory)
1.000 kr. – Materials
1.900 kr. – ST1/case id (if you come from outside Europe)

The prices cover tuition, food and lodgning

*We don’t have many single rooms, so if you wish one you should contact us at directly

We have study trips two times a year – in March and October.


Spring 2020
29/03/20 – 28/06/20 (13 weeks)
05/01/20 – 28/06/20 (25 weeks)

Autumn 2020
09/08/20 – 19/12/20

Spring 2021
06/01/21 – 30/03/21
07/04/21 – 29/06/21
06/01/21 – 29/06/21

Autumn 2021
11/08/21 – 21/12/21

Spring 2022
05/01/22 – 30/06/22 – 25 weeks
05/01/22 – 30/03/22 – 12 weeks
31/03/22 – 30/06/22 – 13 weeks

Autumn 2022
10/08/22 – 21/12/22 – 19 weeks


Your weekly payment for the stay includes food, lodgings and tuition. An additional one time payment is charged to cover use of materials and study trip.

Residence permit

As an applicant to Nordfyns Højskole, it is your own responsibility to make sure that you have all the proper permits to travel to and living in Denmark. You  can find relevant information on the NewTo Denmark webiste.

Please be aware that processing times for visas can take some time, so be sure to apply in good time before you need to go.

If you are a citizen in a Schengen country you do not need a visa. You can read more at this link.


If you do not get a residence permit, the fee will be paid back within 3 weeks of rejection, with a deduction of administration fee at 2.500 D.Kr.

If you do get a residence permit, and don’t show up at Nordfyns Folk High School, please send us an email with the cause of not showing up, and we will evaluate how much we will refund.