Culture Xpress

Culture Xpress

Are you burning for music and drama? Do you like  to use your body and your voice to express yourself culturally? Do you like to make a theater-production from the bottom? With Nordfyns Højskoles Culture Xpress project you get the chance.

By choosing this subject you will get a number of tools to establish your own personal projects in Denmark and abroad. In relation to Africa we will work with music and theater to prepare yourself to meet new cultures.

About, Culture Xpress – Music- Drama

In the class we use the cultural meeting which is happening in the folk high school stay to express yourself at the same time as you will get a lot of tools to build up your own future projects here and abroad.

In the class Culture Xpress – Music Drama we will in a playing process create a kind of cultural performance with music, drama and performance. We are totally convinced that  human beings are born to be social and creative. In music and drama we will train your ability to feel and express vital skills like: Cooperation, reflection, attention, presence, motivation and the ability and courage of expression.

In making our performance we will work with 2 forms of expressions – the instrumental musical in the orchestra and theater-art. We work actively with:

  • Rhythmically and musical training
  • Training of singing
  • Communication between class mates and audience
  • Basic parts of dram
  • The important story

We build up our performance together. We write it  together and in this way we put in your life experiences and creative inputs in the performance. We communicate the important story on your background. A story is important because it tells a story about you or your class-mates

Culture Xpress
Culture Xpress

The goal of Culture Xpress

The goal is that you and your class-mates together make a performance. We create cultural products of music, drama and performance.

In the process we will give you the necessary tools to make an artistic expression from you position – to use in other situations in your life – or in Africa. It might be a song or a dance or in drama a sketch or story-telling. We work with openness although the starting point is in your own life experience.

Meeting new cultures

In the class you will come to know yourself much better because you in interaction with your class-mates become better to performe for others. You learn to stand and express in front of the audience.

We train to communicate our own cultural production – a song, dance or story-telling which is based in your won culture so that you become confident in meeting new and strong  cultural expressions from Africa.

#BeTheChange Culture Xpress – Music Drama

This subject will :

  • Enrich you with tools you are going to use in reality
  • For your personal development
  • To learn to performe on your own in new culture and at the same time as you keep your own cultural position

The goal is that we all together learn in flow, where we forget ourselves and grow into creativity. A process demanding patience, strong will and discipline to train it perfectly. You will also learn to put yourself aside– when necessary – and to boost yourself when needed.

Culture Xpress

Why you should choose
Culture Xpress – Music Drama as B-subject

  • You learn to give culture-meeting an artistic expression in our own production

  • You train your motor skills in rhythmic and playing together with voice and song-training

  • You train your fantasy, challenge your creativity and feeling of self-worth through movements, drama exercises and improvisation

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Dobbeltværelse pr. person1.300 kr./uge
Tillæg for enkeltværelse300 kr./uge
Studietur (obligatorisk)4.500 kr,
Materialer1.000 kr.
(Priserne dækker undervisning, kost og logi)


03-01-19 – 26-06-1905-01-20 – 27-06-20
03-01-19 – 03-04-1905-01-20 – 28-03-20
04-04-19 – 26-06-1929-03-20 – 27-06-20
11-08-19 – 21-12-19