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Personal Leadership

Personal Leadership-2020

In “Personal leadership” we will challenge each other in an open and safe atmosphere. In this atmosphere we will explore the universe of the good leader. A wise man once said: “We are not only human beings but human becomings” In this way we are co-creators of ourselves and our environment – we can make change happen.

With the intention of taking responsibility in our own lives and in our global world, we will focus on leadership potentials  through four perspectives:

“Everything depends on the eyes that sees!”– Knowledge and methods on how to work with mind and soul.

Topics: Identity, gratitude, love, the nature of the mind, mindfulness, coaching, personal port-folio

Together we are strong (and happier) – Knowledge and methods about appreciating diversity and the ability to use it.

Topics: Cultural understanding, communication, how to make meaning, how to tackle dilemmas, conflict resolution, disagreements as a force, empathy

Walk your talk: Knowledge and methods to work with social behavior and actions

Topics: Dialogue, debate, active listening, healthy project management.

The theory of everything: -introduction to integral theory and life-style. A holistic map of life, as a way of studying and including all stages, states and types of consciousness.


Personal Leadership-2020

The aim with Personal Leadership

Personal Leadership-2020

The aim with Pesonal Leadership

In class we focus on the potential each one of us have for being able to come up with solutions to the problems we face in todays society. In Personal Leadership you get the opportunity to create the fundament to stand on so you can make a difference.

To identify this potential requires a lot of courage. Which is why we spend a lot of time working on who you are as a person and which values you have.

With the intention of taking responsibility for our global world we focus on our leadership potential through various themes and perspectives.

Some of the perspectives we use are:

  • The Theory of everything
  • Everything depends on the eye of the beholder
  • Together we are stronger and happier
  • Walk the talk

All aspects of Personal Leadership is about your development. About being a change, for yourself and for others.


Why you should choose Personal Leadership 

Personal Leadership-2020If you choose Personal Leadership you get:

  • A foundation to manage life in an open and respectfull way for the benefit of the “global village”.
  • Ability to develop empathy.
  • To learn to give space for personal development.
  • To give opportunity to train and improve own personal management competences.
  • To improve abilities to cooperate across cultures.