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Back to nature

Why stay indoor when all hope is out?

The globe is suffering because of overconsumption. We have for a long time been living  without understanding for nature and we have forgot that we ARE nature. We need to win back presence and a life with reflection and caring towards the earth and all living creatures.

Water: The basic for all life – also a life for future generations

Out-door: Nature is a power source generating life for both mind and body.

Do you like to make a difference for nature? For humanity? For your children? Do you like to learn and experience what we practically can do to restore nature? That is exactly what we do in this B-subject.

About, Back to nature – Tuned for future

We will make the impossible possible. We will look away from hopelessness towards how to restore nature. All changes have a beginning og we begin with ourselves, our way of thinking, our way of living and our attitude. We ARE the change.

In the class we will focus on all the positive activities in the world which are done to fight climate changes and overconsumption from which our globe is suffering. In this subject we focus on what to do to restore nature.

All what we human beings are doing influence nature including the water environment. In the class we will therefore work practically with water environment and find out how life in the water is part of it all. We will do that by:

  • Go deep and investigate human influence on water environment and pollution
  • Study biodiversity in the water
  • Build our own lake where we can follow how life is developing and there we will make our own micro-environment
  • Out door activities we will do according to seasons of the year. We will be trekking, go on excursions to Nordfyns Perle, Æbelø, we will go for snorkeling, go for fishing shrimps, be sailing, overnight in shelters, cook on outdoor fire and fish oysters. We also think of canoeing on Gudenåen

What is the goal?

On a more academic way of thinking our class is about:

  • strengthen natural science learning and improve innovation and transformation of attitudes
  • to raise critical reflection towards modern society
  • to inspire and raise curiosity towards an alternative way of living and build up a trust towards the future

Basically we believe that being in nature make us more aware of taking care of it


2020 2021
05/01/20 – 28/03/20 06/01/21 – 30/03/21
29/03/20 – 28/06/20 07/04/21 – 29/06/21
05/01/20 – 28/06/20 06/01/21 – 29/06/21
09/08/20 – 19/12/20 11/08/21 – 21/12/21