Body & Mind

As human beings we use our heads all the time. That means we forget about our body. This subject is about body and mind, to come to know yourself. We do that through Tai Chi, Bowspring and meditative dance. Tai Chi is traditionally an old Chinese martial art aiming at harmonizing two contradicting values: Yin and Yang. It uses soft strengths to overcome the hard ones.

Bowspring wakens mind and body so that we can move around naturally. Meditative dance is a way of moving through free dance where you experience enjoyment, freedom and happiness.

Do you want to learn to concentrate better? To clean your head and unite with yourself? To get rid of anxiety and worries? To get a better everyday life with a clear view?

Then you should choose Body & Mind


In Body & Mind we learn to

  • Concentrate and focus better
  • Clean your head and unite body and mind
  • Get rid of anxiety and worries
  • Have a better everyday life you can overview
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