How to apply


Stay at Nordfyns Folk High School

A stay at Nordfyns Folk High School is usually between 12 and 25 weeks, depending on which time of year you start.

Why go on a Danish Folk High School?

To study at a Danish Folk High School is one of the most intense experiences in your life. Both through what you learn, and the people you meet. The Folk High School is the place where you discover your passions and what you are good at. You wil be challenged with new ways of thinking. You will be heard and seen. And all of a sudden a few months can be life changing, you have become braver, more you, have met new friends and made strong connections, and you will have a future with endless possibilities.

How to apply

Before you start at Nordfyns Folk Highschool you have to choose one A-subject and one B-subject. That way your are in control of assembling your own schedule based on your passions.

When you know what courses you want you apply through the A-subjects page. Each A-subject have their own application button, and from that you can fill out the application form.

Take a look at the A- and B- subjects here and make your choice. We are looking forward to receive your application.