Supervision and coaching

Supervision and Coaching

When you arrive on the high school you will be appointed a coach (teacher) who will look after your well-being. That is your contact person who is a qualified mentor and has the necessary qualifications to help with life- and carrier planning.  Every week you meet with your group for talks about relevant subjects.

Together with your coach you will decide which of the school’s other offers of supervision you may wish to make use of.


You will have talks with the high school’s life coach in order to determine your aims and intermediate aims for the course, with current evaluation as you go along.

Here you work with your wheel of life and take part in deciding where focus should be during your stay at the school. Be it: Education, work, family, social abilities, etc.

Diet- and exercise plan

If over weight is a hindrance for your getting a job or an education, you will be offered a diet- and exercise plan that will match your condition and personal targets. Every week you will get an individual guidance by the school’s dietician, Claudia Knudsen, and together you will decide your personal target. You will be weighed and measured in order that your diet- and exercise plan may be adjusted accordingly.

The daily supervision

Some tuition in the main subjects will also concern your life and future. The tuition will include life history, dreams for the future and realistic possibilities.

Support is always close by at Nordfyn’s. It is a relatively small high school and everybody help each other. There is always a teacher available for help and support.

Study- and carrier supervision

During your stay at the high school you will get a clearer sight in respect of personal, educational and professional questions as a result of the tuition and social life you have experienced.

Before leaving the high school you will receive an exact guide concerning the time after high school.