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At Nordfyns Folk High School, we offer courses fit for all!

Global Future is for people from all over the world with an interest and curiosity about sustainable issues.

Danish language and culture are for overseas students who want to be acquainted with the Danish language and culture.

Sosu Class is for people who wants to learn about the interaction between the professional social- and health helpers /assistants and patients, handicapped and old people.

We are proud to be a school with students from all over the world and with different cultures and backgrounds.
If you are curious about meeting new people and learn from them, then Nordfyns Folk High School is the right place for you!



05. jan. – 28. jun. (25 weeks)

05. jan. – 05. apr. (13 weeks)

06. apr. – 28. jun. (12 weeks)

10. aug. – 20. dec. (19 weeks)

04. jan. – 28. mar. (12 weeks)

04. jan. – 27. jun. (25 weeks)

05. apr. – 27. jun. (12 weeks)


Read more about our courses: 


Global Future Course at Nordfyns Folk High School
SoSu Class
Danish language and culture course